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Brigid Guinan

born 1952 in Ireland and raised in New York
studied Business Administration and Hotel/Restaurant
1971-1985 worked in a diversity of sales and marketing positions,
   including in management, for large travel corporations and
   gastronomic businesses in New York and San Francisco
1985 established ARTREP – Marketing & Sales Consultancy for Artists
Parallel to my professional work life, I pursued my growing interest in the
   field of health, psychology, and spiritual disciplines through educational
   and personal experience.
1991 moved to Bremen
1998 began private practice
lecturer in health related and adult education fields

Training and professional development since 1991

Gestalt Therapy 1995-1999
State certificate as Healing Practitioner in Psychotherapy 2001
EMDR 2005-2006
Training in related health and psychology fields including trauma, stress,
   body-mind connection and transpersonal psychotherapy studies
Long term meditation and yoga practice
Ongoing participation in Explorations in Human Development
   Training, Ridhwan School, Berkeley CA.

Supervision with:

• Dipl.-Psych. Rahel Schüepp: Psychologische Psychotherapeutin



Seminars - Workshops - Lectures

"Coping with Stress" - The significance of the individual disposition
"The Inner Critic" – The roll of our super ego in our stress reactions
"Perfect Madness!" – Women, Stress and Expectations
"Sense and Presence" – The body as gateway to authenticity
"A Year to Live" – Waking up to life by exploring our relationship
   to death

Cooperation Partners

Women’s Health Center, Bremen
Refugio Bremen – Counselling and Treatment Center for Refugees and
   Torture Victims
Jacobs International University, Bremen
University Bremen, Center for Continued Education
Belladonna - Culture, Communication and Education Center for Women
School for Adult Education, Bremen (Volkshochschule)
Health Impulse - Diako Hospital

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