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„Working on ourselves is not a matter of improving ourselves. It’s an orientation – like fine-tuning an instrument so that you can play the game of life with a trustworthy compass”      A.H. Almaas
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  I offer my active participation in helping you create a life that is satisfying, productive, creative and healthy.

Reasons for considering a consultation or therapy may be:

depressive moods
fear, anxiety or panic
trauma symptoms e.g. PTSD after accidents, loss, mistreatment
unresolved childhood pain
guilt, shame, poor self-image
relationship issues- personal, family and career
life transitions – age, career, health, relationship
sadness, loss, loneliness, aggression
self-destructive behaviour

What I offer

short and long-term therapy for individuals, couples and groups
consultation, mediation, intervention
supervision for individuals and teams
seminars, public talks

My consultations are by appointment and are usually 60-minute sessions, although many individuals and couples find they benefit from 90-minute sessions. Evening hours are also available.

My fees are reasonable and while I don’t work directly with health insurance companies, I am happy to provide you with the necessary statement to facilitate your reimbursement.
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