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„The best way to take care of patients is to care about them.“
Dr. Tom Whitfield M.D.


To live a satisfying and meaningful life which expresses our full potential as a human being is the natural impulse of our soul.

This inclination toward balance and harmony is disrupted when we encounter repeated stress, pain or difficulty in our lives and the contact to our own reservoir of strength and resources which provide stability, creativity and exuberance in our life is diminished. During periods of disharmony, our capabilities, productivity and clarity are affected and we can lose our sense of control, feel insecure, fearful and vulnerable.

When life situations arise that threaten your happiness, concentration, and well being or you are confronted with a difficult decision, I can offer you support and assistance. The decision to seek help is the first important step in transforming and alleviating the present problem.

I look forward to meeting you, learning about you and your life, and helping you to understand and resolve the conflicts you are now experiencing.
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